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b. The gelatinous, rounded mass that makes up the foremost Section of the medusa stage of most jellyfish and specific other cnidarians.

In 2005, Umbrella's t-virus was Employed in a bioterrorism assault on Harvardville Airport, leading to a mass infection of the whole terminal.

This celebration could well be indirectly liable for unleashing the t-virus into Raccoon Metropolis. HUNK recovered a sample of the virus, extracted it, and gave it to Umbrella. Whilst the Arklay incident had been fairly isolated and hid from the general public and Umbrella's Regulate above crucial authorities and regulation enforcement staff had ensured that any document of what had occurred could possibly be securely swept into obscurity, they were now faced with a complete city contaminated with "t" along with a trail major instantly back towards the Umbrella Company. This is able to show exceedingly tough, even for Umbrella, to produce merely vanish.

Throughout Streynsham Learn's 1676 take a look at on the East India Company's factory in Masulipatnam he observed that just the governor of the town and the following a few officials in seniority were being allowed to have "a roundell [i.e. umbrella] carried above them."[25]

A fair older resource to the umbrella is Probably the historical e book of Chinese ceremonies, known as Zhou Li (The Rites of Zhou), relationship 2,400 many years back, which directs that the dais needs to be positioned on the imperial cars. The determine of the dais contained in Zhou-Li, and the description of it offered during the more info explanatory commentary of Lin-Hello-ye, each recognize it having an umbrella.

Birkin and Wesker applied this to be a diversion for their particular plans to leave Umbrella, taking their research with them. Wesker, getting shaped Raccoon City's elite S.T.A.R.S. unit two yrs prior, would create a decide to entice the staff towards the Mansion and acquire struggle facts in the conflict that will definitely stick to.

Todas as letras de músicas são propriedade dos seus respectivos autores e divulgadas somente para fins educacionais.All lyrics are residence and copyright in their homeowners. All lyrics are provided for educational purposes only.

Elinchrom deep umbrellas are manufactured using sixteen fiberglass rods to maintain a perfect circular shape.

One gem, figured by Pacudius, shows an umbrella that has a bent tackle, sloping backwards. Strabo describes a sort of display or umbrella worn by Spanish Females, but this is not like a modern umbrella.

handgrip, deal with, grip, hold - the appendage to an object that may be designed to be held as a way to use or move it; "he grabbed the hammer through the take care of"; "it was an outdated briefcase nevertheless it continue to experienced a superb grip"

Elinchrom deep umbrellas are made employing 16 fiberglass rods to keep up an excellent round shape.

While in the sculptures at Nineveh, the parasol appears commonly.[eleven] Austen Henry Layard provides an image of a bas-relief symbolizing a king in his chariot, with the attendant holding a parasol about his head.

Water things had been recorded with a special effects stage using a substantial-velocity 35mm camera. Bert Yukich then composited them into the scene Using the singer. He then extra lighting results to the sensible water features to give them the mirror-like texture of mercury.

Together with the file-breaking success of The only and also the reported coincidence with the weather conditions, Def Jam's advertising and marketing team collaborated with British umbrella producer

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